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To eat and drink. Relaxation.

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Ihtiyar Balıkçı

about us

OLD FISHERMAN | OLD FISH - As a fast food restaurant;
By responding to the menu requests according to the wishes of our customers, we provide our service in a customer-oriented manner.

In the service race that we started with our customer satisfaction-oriented understanding of service, hygiene rules and quality products, our customers' interest in us tells us that we have to improve our service quality day by day. We pride ourselves on trying together with you to bring you the warmth of your home with the goal of better and excellent service.  

In our restaurant, which differs from others through quality, trust, hygiene, taste, cleanliness and presentation, it is important to us that our guests who come to us are impressed by the atmosphere in their environment and the smile of happiness that they come to us, are satisfied bring them with you. We will be very proud to host you in a peaceful setting.

Fischen Sie auf Eis


The dishes in our fish house are healthy and delicious. Our ingredients are fresh and we are happy to cater to all types of nutritional needs. Take a look at our menu or reserve a table.

Fischen Sie auf Eis
Essen knolling
Frischer Lachs

Fresh fish

Every day we have a large selection of many different types of fish that are freshly prepared.

Salads and starters

We have a hand-picked variety of starters such as seasonal salads on offer every day.

Grilled food and fruits

Depending on the season  we have different types of desserts and fruits in our program. As all of our meat friends, we also have a great selection of fresh meat in the house.


Wednesday - Monday: 2 p.m. - 11 p.m.
Tuesday: closed

You can only make reservations during our opening hours. 

Thanks very much!


Heerstr. 301, 47053 - Duisburg (Hochfeld)

0203 - 73 98 97 00

Fisch im Umschlag
Fisch und Zitronen

opening hours

On-site or take-away meals

Wednesday - Monday: 2 p.m. - 11 p.m.
Tuesday: closed

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